IAESB Observer Guidelines

  1. Meetings of the International Accounting Education Standards Board (IAESB) are held at various locations around the world. The number of seats that can be made available for public observers may be limited depending on the location. For this reason, we ask those who wish to attend to complete and return the registration form to the IAESB as soon as possible.
  2. Observers are asked to sign in on arrival at the meeting. Your name badge will be given to you then. IAESB staff will admit people who have not given advance notification only if space permits.
  3. Delegations of more than two people from the same organization (including global affiliates) attending the same session will be admitted only at the discretion of IAESB staff and only if space permits.
  4. The meeting agenda and timetable for individual agenda items will be posted in advance of the meeting on the IFAC web site (www.ifac.org). Observers are encouraged to check the web site shortly before the meeting for last-minute changes. The IAESB cannot accept any responsibility for losses or inconvenience caused by changes to timing or difficulties in accommodating members of the public.
  5. IAESB agendas are divided into items open to the public and items (generally dealing with administrative or personnel matters) to be discussed in a private, closed session.
  6. IAESB deliberations are conducted in English without translation into any other language.
  7. Observers may download IAESB agendas and background papers from the web site (www.ifac.org).  Papers available through the web site will not be distributed at the meeting. Also, papers distributed at the meeting may not be distributed to observers. However, where appropriate, they will be posted on IFAC's web site and made available to the public after the meeting.
  8. Observers are asked not to participate in discussion at the meetings and not to take photographs or operate mobile phones, video cameras, or tape recorders in the meeting room.
  9. Observers are asked to remain in the public seating area and not to enter the IAESB seating area. 
    The IAESB is not able to invite visitors to join its members for luncheon or dinner. Observers are requested not to bring food into the meeting room. A list of local restaurants will be made available at the meeting.
  10. Smoking is not permitted in the meeting room.
  11. If demand exists, the IAESB may provide facilities for listening to its meetings by telephone, at the listener's expense. Any arrangements that are made will be announced on the IFAC web site.
  12. The IAESB does not make hotel arrangements for observers.
  13. The IAESB does not have telephone, fax, or copying facilities available for observers.

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