CCPM – IAESB Accountancy Education Forum: Implementation Challenges

Dec 11, 2017 | English

CCPM - IAESB Accountancy Education Forum: Implementation Challenges

Panel: Professional Accounting Education in Mexico - Regulatory, Professional & Academic Perspectives

IAESB Chair Chris Austin explaining the IAESB’s strategy and work plan

IAESB overview session participants

More than 50 individuals involved in accountancy education in Mexico, along with International Accounting Education Standards Board (IAESB) members and technical advisors, IAESB Consultative Advisory Group members, and Public Interest Oversight Board representative, came together at an Accountancy Education Forum hosted by Colegio de Contadores Públicos de México (CCPM) in Mexico City.

The Forum, chaired by IAESB Member Blanca Tapia Sánchez, comprised three main sessions as well as a welcome introduction from José Besil Bardawil, President of Instituto Mexicano de Contadores Públicos (IMCP). It featured a keynote address from Miguel López Miranda, Mexican Ministry of Education Director, on the Mexican education system and its impact on challenges faced by aspiring professional accountants.

Professional Accounting Education in Mexico. Regulatory, Professional and Academic Perspectives

Chaired by Jorge Resa Monroy, IMCP Education Commission President, with panelists:

  • Sylvia Meljem Enriquez de Rivera, Accounting Research Director, ITAM and IAESB Technical Advisor
  • Claudia Ochoa Millán, Director of National Evaluation Center, CENEVAL
  • Salvador Ruiz de Chavez, IMCP Education Commission Member
  • Eduardo Ávalos Lira, Director of Programs for Accreditation of Knowledge, CACECA

IAESB Overview

IAESB  Chair Chris Austin provided attendees with an overview of the IAESB’s strategy and work plan, as well as addressing the important role the board and the International Education Standards play in a sound accounting profession and supporting economies. He also introduced three board members to address specific, relevant areas.

In addition, Mr. Austin introduced three sessions from IAESB Board Members on major areas of IAESB focus.

  • Anne-Marie Vitale, IAESB Deputy Chair, addressed the concept of learning outcomes and why the IAESB focuses on output-based over input-based measures.
  • David Simko, IAESB Member, discussed professional skepticism and judgment and their key role in accounting, auditing, and accounting education (for more information, see Toward Enhanced Professional Skepticism).
  • Susan St. Amant, IAESB Member, discussed the important role continuing professional development plays for all professional accountants.

International Education Standards: Implementation of Best Practices in the Latin American Region

In the final session, speakers from Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia discussed best practices and their experiences enhancing accounting education. Chaired by former CAG Member Jose Antonio Echenique Garcia, speakers included:

  • Fábio Moraes da Costa, Executive Dean, FUCAPE Business School (Brazil) and IAESB CAG Member
  • Jose Luis Amoletto, President, Federación Argentina de Consejos Profesionales de Ciencias Económicas
  • Norma Consuelo Ortiz Silva, Director of Universidad de los Andes International Accounting Program (Colombia)

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