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IAESB eNews: February 2019

(New York, New York)

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  1. New Standard Clarifies Continuing Professional Development
  2. IES 7 Roundtable Video Discussion Series
  3. IES 7 Implementation Support Materials
  4. Reminder: Comment on Exposure Draft by March 4
  5. IAI-AFA-IAESB International Conference 2019
  6. Upcoming Dates

1. New Standard Clarifies Continuing Professional Development

In January, the IAESB released the revised International Education Standard (IES) 7, Continuing Professional Development. It makes it clear that all professional accountants must develop and maintain professional competence to perform their role. It also clarifies the principles professional accountancy organizations use to measure, monitor, and enforce their CPD systems.
Access the standard »

Read the Basis for Conclusion »

Read the summary “At A Glance” »

2. IES 7 Roundtable Video Discussion Series

The IES 7 Task Force recorded a three-part video series to share their insights on the standard’s changes, implications, and impact. The Task Force also addresses IES 7’s implications for public accounting firms.

Watch the series now:

Revised IES 7 highlights & implications »

Perspectives: accounting firms »

3. IES 7 Implementation Support Materials

The IAESB released a host of implementation support materials alongside IES 7 (Revised) to help adoption and implementation efforts.
  • A brief explanatory overview video from the Task Force Secretary
  • A publication summarizing all implementation support materials
  • An example CPD framework
  • An extant of relevant CPD
  • Measurement evidence examples
These materials will help the understanding of the revised standard’s principles and requirements.
Access the materials now »

4. Reminder: Comment on Exposure Draft by March 4

IAESB Chair Anne-Marie Vitale recorded a special message to stakeholders reminding them to comment on the currently open IAESB Exposure Draft. The ED proposes changes to multiple International Education Standards on professional skepticism and information and communications technology.
Watch the Chair’s message »

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5. IAI-AFA-IAESB International Conference 2019

The Indonesian Institute of Accountants, the ASEAN Federation of Accountants, and the IAESB will host an international conference in Bali, Indonesia, April 11-12, 2019. The conference is focused on competencies of the future and the disruption era and includes IAESB members as well as IFAC President In-Ki Joo as speakers. Conference registration closes February 15.

Learn more & register now »

6. Upcoming Dates

  • April 8-9, IAESB Consultative Advisory Group Meeting, Bali, Indonesia
  • April 9-11, IAESB Meeting, Bali, Indonesia
  • April 11-12, Indonesian Institute of Accountants – ASEAN Federation of Accountants – IAESB International Conference, Bali, Indonesia
  • June 24-26, IAESB Meeting, Toronto, Canada
For more info, or to register to attend a meeting as an observer, visit Education Board Meetings and Education Board CAG Meeting
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